Save Our State Parks!

9 Nov

Georgia has an amazing array of state parks and historic sites that receives over 10 million visitors annually. Tourism is one of Georgia’s largest industries. State budgets tightening under the weight of lower tax revenue and state programs created in times of plenty. Many of our state parks and historic sites may face the ax in the coming months and years. The 2010 budget . The cuts also reduced the hours and days that parks are open to the public and tourists.

I am writing this post to encourage everyone who values the recreational and economic value of Georgia’s parks and historic sites to raise their voices and organize to save our heritage from the politics of the present. Our parks were created not only to provide the current generation with places to golf, hunt, fish, picnic, hike, and camp; they were created with the hope that generation after generation could share the common experience of Georgia’s natural and cultural heritage.

Governor-Elect Deal should reject any deeper cuts to our already battered parks. With proper funding Georgia has the opportunity to become a world-class destination for hiking, wildlife viewing, bird watching, fishing, hunting, golfing, and guest services based around our outdoor and historical heritage.

Timeless places like Sweetwater state park is near wilderness just minutes from downtown Atlanta. Vogel State park provides Georgians with affordable lodging in the mountains with plenty of recreational opportunities. Fort King George on our coast gives us a window into our colonial past- a view of Georgia at the dawn of our nations history.
Losing parks in Georgia diminishes our ability to educate the next generation about our history and the natural world. .

Please take the time now to tell Governor–Elect Nathan Deal and the new Georgia legislature to spare our parks. The fate of Georgia’s heritage and natural beauty is now in your hands!

Contact Governor-Elect Deal:
Contact your State Senator:
Contact your State Representative:

-Jeremy Cherson

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  1. Brad November 10, 2010 at 8:12 pm

    We should support our parks

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